Ministry in Guyana and Haiti

This is Fonese, One of Three Children We've Adopted in Haiti

GCM has worked throughout the country of Haiti for the last 30 plus years.  Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, has been not only a place to "tell" people the good news of the Gospel but has provided huge opportunities to demonstrate the love God has for us all.  During the last 30 plus years, GCM has established and built many churches, schools, two large orphanages, one of the best hospitals in the country and too many other projects to mention.  Thousands and thousands of people in Haiti have received "hands-on" ministry from GCM and the thousands of American Christians that have joined us on short term ministry trips.

Over the years, many children have received hot, nutritious meals provided by GCM.  For most of the children this was the only food available to them because of the extreme poverty they are forced to live in.  The faithfulness of our ministry partners has enabled us to provide these meals.

This is Avrina. She is the Haitian Lady That Runs our Feeding Program

Food is not the only thing GCM has helped provide the people of Haiti through these many years.  The spreading of the Gospel is the most important aspect of anything we do in ministry.  In Haiti we have established and built 20 churches and  20 Christian schools.  Through these facilities thousands of people have been taught the Word of God which enables them to live sucessful lives for our Lord.  Besides churches and schools, GCM has built several medical clinics as well as one of the BEST hospitals in the country.  During a two year period, GCM also did a foreign aid project funded by the US government.  During that two year period, GCM had a total of over 20,000 employees and provided income that fed thousands in the families of those employed.

Evangelism is what starts the ball rolling in the establishment of new churches in remote areas of Haiti, Guyana or any other country.  Much of the evangelism is accomplished through the use of the "Jesus" film and other Christian films as well.  In the remote areas where we minister, many, if not most, of the people can not read or write.  The "Jesus" video brings the Gospel and the life of Christ to life for thousands of people for the first time.

Melissa Morrissette Feeding Children
Poor Haitian Mothers Bring Their Hungry Children to GCM Feeding Program
Pay Day for About 500 Haitians Working in the GCM Foreign Aid Project
Drilling a Well in Guyana for a Bible Camp

In March of 2000, GCM began ministry in the South American country of Guyana.  In Guyana we work deep in the interior in very remote jungle areas.  The villages in these areas have little contact with the outside world, due to their locations.  To reach these villages we must travel by boat.  Guyana is mostly a rain forest country and instead of roads they have rivers and streams.  The local people living in the jungles, known as Amerindians, travel by dug out canoes while we get to use motorized boats.

We minister on a regular, on going, basis in Guyana.  We have held and completed ACTS VIDEO BIBLE SCHOOLS courses in multiple locations.  We'd enjoy it if YOU would come to Guyana with us and spend a week or two.  You'd have a GREAT mission field experience and learn a lot about the Word of God at the same time.  While there we will do numerous out door evangelistic meeting, as pictured, that will be attended by many hundreds of people.

Pastor Marv Marquette Leading a Discussion Session After Viewing a Video Bible School Teaching
After Doing Video Bible School During the Day, Hundreds of People Come to an Outdoor Video Bible Movie