The Lord needs YOU on the Mission Field

Deep in the Jungles of Guyana You Just Never Know What You Will See coming Down the River
A Mission Team Loading Up for a Trip Into Guyana's Interior

If you'd come on a mission trip to Guyana, Africa or some other foreign mission field with us, you never know what you'll see as you travel the rivers, mountains and jungles that cover the earth.  Upper left shows how a heavy piece of equipment is being moved through the jungles of Guyana.  After finishing the job it took 6 months to get the bull dozier back out.  Upper right shows a ministry team loading on to the boats and heading out to the Guyana's interior for a week of ministry and fun.

Lower left is a little sample of some "critters" you may see during a ministry trip to Africa.   Depending upon which country we are traveling in, it is not uncommon to see abundant wild life in many of the areas in Africa.

Kenya has numerous game refuges that we will take time to visit as we travel from one location to the next.  In each area we go there are many opportunities for you to have a "hands-on" ministry experience but in the "off" times it's fun to experience a little of what the Lord has placed on earth for us to enjoy.   These are just small examples of what takes place on a ministry travel team.  WE NEED YOU TO COME ALONG!

On an Africa Mission Team, You Need to Keep a Sharp Lookout for What Might be Around the Bend in the Road
While Traveling in Africa, You may Have to Stop and Share a Snack with a Begger Along the Road. These Guys Love Handouts. Just Don't Let Him Jump in the Car through the Window!