Fred Morrissette, President Global Christian Ministries

Hi, my name is Fred Morrissette, president
and founder of Global Christian Ministries. 
I want to personally invite you to become
involved in an exciting ministry that is reaching
out, with the Word of God, to people all
over the world.   The ONLY answer to all the
problems in the world is for people to walk in
a close relationship with the Lord.  YOU can
help us reach more people than ever before.

Of all the things needed to be successful in ministry, YOU are the most important.  We sincerely invite you to come on any of our regularly scheduled ministry trips or you may want to start a new ACTS video Bible school.  We will do all in our power to make your trip both meaningful and fun.  You will have the opportunity of a "hands-on" ministry experience that will change your life forever.  In the 40 plus years we have been in ministry over 3500 people have traveled with us to the mission field.  Contact us and we will get the ball rolling on your special time in service to the Lord.

The same is true should you decide to start a new ACTS video Bible school.  After you contact us we will send you an application or you can fill out the application on this web site.  After you fill it out and return it to us, we will evaluate what is needed to help you reach your goal.  We will help you get a school started at no expense to you.  We will do all we can to help you get a school going so you can reach the people in your local area.

There are other things needed by the ministry.  General financial gifts are always appreciated.  We need additional video projectors and we also need funding to start new Bible Schools.  Sponsorship of each school is $250.00 and this will cover the cost of materials produced and the shipping required.  The main thing we need is YOU on a ministry trip.  Please contact us and we will get additional information to you right away.  Contact us at:
  • Global Christian Ministries
  • Fred and Susan Morrissette
  • 164 Luther Shrum Lane
  • Lincolnton, NC  28092 USA
  • Mobile 828-674-0147